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Middle Men revisits the lives of those killed by law enforcement, both before and after their deaths though raw, uncensored conversation with their loved ones. Their personalities, likes and dislikes make them human, more than a story, more than a statistic. Their identities imposed on the public by the criminal justice system in order to protect those that are supposed to protect and serve. Why justice in these cases was not served is discovered to have prevalence on a systematic level. A highly interview intensive film, those interviewed guide the audience through an almost unimaginable criminal justice system. Interviewees include former officers who are now able to unveil life behind the blue wall and how these systems fundamentally affect communities of color.

Documented stories include Hawa Bah, Kadiatou Diallo, and Gwen Carr who unite frequently to support each other’s effort for Justice. Additionally, William Bell, Sean Bell’s father and Nicholas Heyward Jr.’s father Heyward senior share their stories, one of which dates back to 1994, the same year Compstat and Broken Windows was introduced to the NYPD. Their stories inspire unity, courage, and examples of how to approach injustice offered to them by the American Criminal Justice system. The conclusion is filled with final thoughts that are infused with solid solutions through the efforts of these families exhibited in the film.

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(Note: Director Rochelle White and Producer James Gray)

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