Hunks4Hope: Men Against Domestic Violence

It was an honor and privilege to have been apart of the Hunks4Hope calendar project. This video was created to circumvent the amazing work the ladies featured are doing for Domestic Violence survivors.

Founder of Hunks 4 Hope Lila Green, assists two local grassroots NYC charities Milagros Day Worldwide and Casa Esperanza Para Mujeres y Ninos in the effort to end the cycle of domestic violence through selling calendars male models are center folds for.

Lila is currently being featured in our Documentary about people overcoming economic and social injustices despite their wages. This video is an extension of her work. By default: Dawn Diaz, creator of Milagros Day Worldwide has graced us with her presence. Since meeting Dawn we have been able to attend a boot camp. The experience it afforded us was inspiring and powerful. No words can constitute the empowerment all of these lovely ladies and gentlemen have brought into this world to share.

This video is just a small portion of the work being done behind the scenes of. for more info.

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