Bring Back Our Girls
While taping a #BringBackOurGirls Rally, Emmanuuel Ogebe was one of the main presenters. This particular footage was shot with a 7D; sound is not the best but the message definitely needed to be shared. The cut footage provides the viewer with a perspective regarding how serious the actions of Boko Haram have been on the Nigerian people.
This finished video contains the story of one of Boko Haram’s young survivors in attempt to help others understand the seriousness of his reign which has been going on 4 years and counting. She lost her family but he guardians are with her at this rally.
Emmanuuel Ogebe also touches on the government and the United Nations role in Nigeria’s current state. Though we do not have the United Nations response to the matter, the story from Emmanuuel’s perspective makes one do more research. It raises questions regarding the effectiveness of institutions like the United Nation’s and their ability to intervene on such matters of international conflict.
This is the first video in a series of some of the amazing unity of human beings from all cultures, religions, and belief systems coming together for a larger purpose. One I am sure that God is behind, considering the insurgency is using God’s name to commit heinous acts, through these rally’s we begin to see religion put to the side as harmonious diligence takes precedent.
I am just humbled and honored to have been a witness.
Footage shot May 23rd, 2014 across the street from Nigeria House in NYC.