Meet Lila Green
Meet Lila Green is a story of a domestic violence survivor’s ability to rise above her circumstances by giving back. This is an inspirational journey filled with growth, personal triumph, and the unconventional methods that include men as a part of the healing process and reinforcing each human’s capability to achieve their goals.
We monitor a journey of growth, personal triumph and the healing process. The main plot emphasizes the story of Lila Green, a domestic violence survivor who found recourse by giving back to fellow domestic violence survivors by creating a calendar and organization called Hunks 4 Hope which raises money for two grassroots domestic violence organizations, both owned by women – Milagros Day Worldwide and Casa De Esparanza Para Mujares Y Niňos.
Throughout the process, Lila recognizes that her past experiences with domestic violence is preventing her true ability to grow.  She reaches out to the women who own the organizations she contributes to with the calendar proceeds, Dawn and Gina. They become her sisters, supporting her along her journey.
In 2016, Lila attends the Milagros Day Worldwide boot camp as a participant. Her growth is transformational and also informative.  So much of herself is dedicated to supporting others, that many times she looses sight of taking care of herself.  Thereby, her participation in the process of healing, she is able acknowledge that she too is still recovering from her own traumatic domestic violence situation.  Despite time passing, her wounds are still visible. She recognizes just how important it is that men partake in the healing process.
Today we are still following Lila. We introduce the male’s role in domestic violence both as a perpetrator and healer. As the film progresses, we monitor Lila, and become familiar with reoccurring faces who too have accomplished so much growth by committing to the Domestic Violence Organizations' programs. 
As her personal growth leads her deeper toward accomplishing her goal of establishing Hunks 4 Hope as a successful non-profit organization, she is faced with new challenges. Fearlessly she rises to the occasion, but not without challenges and self doubt.  We are routing for Lila to thrive and we clearly can see, there is a little bit in Lila in most of us.
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Meet Lila Green is fiscally sponsored by the Winter Film Awards. All contributions are tax deductible.