'Middlemen' is an investigative series shedding light on the various perspectives of policing in communities of color and the policies that influences law enforcement decision making.

Film one summary: 'Middlemen' scrutinizes law enforcement policies like 'Broken Windows' and 'Stop and Frisk' enforced by the Compstat policing philosophy. Communities of color and former officers expound on the injustices they have witnessed and experienced, while experts explain the impact of our policing system. In film one, Middlemen explores Eric Garner's case and how it relates to Quality of Life.
We examine the policies that ultimately led to officers of the law committing such inhumane violence upon Mr. Garner. Gwen Carr, Garner's mother, is a focal point in this film.She has become an unwavering activist since her son's death. We find her pursuing legislation to charge officers with a crime who use a chokehold in the course of an arrest.Through interviews with former law enforcement professionals, we learn about the legalese behind Garners case and the details about how Compstat influenced officers to target Garner, a known loose cigarette-selling offender.We investigate what disciplinary actions, if any, await the officers involved in his death—and the blue wall that shields over them.

Film Two Summary Film two investigates the Mohamed Bah story, a young man, unarmed, killed in his apartment after his mother Hawa Bah called 911 because of his depressive behavior. We follow Mrs. Bah through the painful outcome of a non-criminal indictment to the conclusion of the civil trial where the NYPD speak openly about the events that led to Bah's death. The film is supported with evidence from the trial, court sketches, and verbatim testimony presented by a narrator.
Multiple accounts of a similar nature are discussed in sit down interviews with the parents of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, and Nicolas Heyward Jr. to aid in implicating the criminal justice system's lack of accountability in police violence cases. By the end of film two, the audience has a better understanding of why and how prosecution and law enforcement have managed to evade accountability despite the overwhelming evidence. Still the question remains: When seeking justice for police violence, why is this system so unbalanced?

Film three is an analysis of the influences that have disquieted people of color through social control methods harvested within law and policy. 'Middlemen' suggests that the progression for civil rights is always met with backlash by the hand of law and government.The result is that today, one in three black men are incarcerated and once they are released, they continue to be scarlet-lettered with a criminal record no matter how small the infraction.

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