P.S. I Can't Breathe DVD w/o PPR


P.S. I Can't Breathe DVD w/o PPR 00000

Directed by Rochelle White | 21 min | Short Documentary | French, Spanish, and English Subtitles

Subjects: African American Studies | Ethnicity & Identity | Women & Society | Human Rights | Race & Class Studies | Sociology | Documentaries

Features: Eric Garner Protest

P.S. I Cant Breathe provides a raw, uncensored glimpse into the Millions March NYC immediately AFTER a grand jury deliberated to not indict the officer responsible for Eric Garners death. Tens of thousands of protesters and social justice groups rallied together in NYC to urge lawmakers to take action against police brutality. Real interviews with the protesters capture the depths of hurt and anger in the community, along with their hope for justice and suggestions for solutions to inspire the change many wishes to see. The film goes on to discuss topics regarding police training, race, media’s influence on the perception of black culture, fear towards Black Men and its impact on aggressive policing.
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