Where it hurts points out what is hurting people in black and brown communities while providing financial solutions to hit America where it hurts, that is the pockets.  
Synopsis - Lila Green is a domestic violence activist and involved member of her community. During a speaking presentation at Elton Gateway Apartments in New York, Green introduces a longtime friend of the family, Minister Hafeez Muhammad of the Nation of Islam to address the impact of injustice in the Black and Brown Community. Knowing people are tired of being treated unfairly he offers members the opportunity to attend the Justice or Else March in Washington D.C. Commentary between Lila and Minister Hafeez is weaved between footage of powerful speakers from the March, and imagery related to discussion.  
In the end, Minister Hafeez and Lila points out, there may be no other choice but to hit America in the pocket because essentially the American way has not provided fair and proper wages for all people and because of this, communities of color are some of the hardest hit. Understanding this relationship with money and basic human rights is essential. Fair wages are necessary for people to rise out of the dust of oppression! Minister Hafeez points to boycotting as a necessary tool to reduce police violence and corruption being perpetrated against people of color. He also addresses the violence perpetuated by his own toward the community, and demands it stop.   

#Finance #Justice #financialjustice #Empowerment, #BlackLivesMatter #WagesMatter

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